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Registered 501(c)(3) Charity

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Our organization began in 2012 under the guidance of Angie Marquardt. After learning about the children suffering from human trafficking, her heart was moved to provide support to rescue those girls. Along with friends, Angie hosted the first Princess Tea Party to benefit Destiny Rescue. The support was more than expected as tickets sold out and more than 40 attendees were present. Today, Create to Liberate still hosts the annual Princess Tea Party however the support has grown beyond what anyone imagined. The event now plays host to nearly 900 guests and has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help the rescue effort. As the event grew, Create to Liberate gained traction and began looking at more ways to assist children who are struggling. Our focus has now widened to provide assistance for foster children who may be struggling to gain a footing in our own neighborhoods. Planning began this past year for our first phase of programs and we are more excited than ever about the opportunities we have to lend a hand.

Meet The Team

Angie Marquardt



Angie’s inspiration is what led to the founding of Create to Liberate. Through prayer and guidance she saw an opportunity to give a voice to those who don’t have one. Her expertise in event planning is what has built the organization’s reputation for impactful functions and rapid growth. Children have always held a special place in her heart and through the organization she created the opportunity to serve those in her own communities.

Joshua Davis



Joshua came to Create to Liberate a few years ago, first as a volunteer, but now lends his assistance to Create to Liberate’s finances. The ability to make an impact in the lives of children in his own neighborhood is what led him to the organization. Joshua comes from a background of management, finance, and marketing. He plans to use these strengths to grow the organization far into the future.

Courtney Smith



In her previous career, Courtney gained extensive understanding of the foster care system in Michigan and has brought those skills to Create to Liberate. With a degree in social work, she has been a huge resource as we venture into the foster care system in our area. As the organization begins to explore ways in which we may provide assistance, Courtney continues to use her knowledge to guide Create to Liberate down a path where we can make an impact.   

Jen Lee


Board Member

Jen was called to Create to Liberate after learning the organization wanted to expand efforts into the local foster care community. A degree in psychology is a huge asset to the organization and its growth. Her own personal experience with foster care and her intelligence leads Create to Liberate in many of our programs to ensure we are providing the utmost level of support to these children and their families.

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