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Table Decorating

Each and every year, volunteers bring magic and charm to the tables where our princesses will be seated. They sparkle and gleam, bringing the event to life. This year A Mermaid's Tale is proud to host 86 tables which all need a touch of glamour. If you are interested in volunteering to decorate a table for A Mermaid's Tale please contact us at! 

Event Help

Our event gratefully caters to over 850 amazing guests. The work and help that is provided behind the scenes is what makes each Princess Tea Party a success. If you are interested in offering your skills and expertise to A Mermaid's Tale, please contact us at! We look forward to working alongside you!

Sponsor The Event

Each Princess Tea Party event provides happiness and joy in two ways. First our attendees are treated to a magical day to live like a princess and enjoy time with friends and family. Second, we are able to raise much needed awareness and funds to save children from awful situations through Destiny Rescue Charity. In order to ensure we can accomplish both, we partner with many businesses and donors who share our goals. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for A Mermaid's Tale please contact us at!